Monday, October 13, 2008

Palin Fatigue: Tired of Talking about Sarah

Is anyone else bored of the whole Sarah Palin discussion? I sure am....

Let's talk about ANYTHING else Alaskan. ANYTHING.


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Carl said...

My coworker recently went on a cruise to Alaska, where she shot a whole bunch of photos. I asked her if she saw any grizzly bears -- she saw no grizzlies. I asked her if she saw any mooses -- she saw no mooses. I asked her if saw lots and lots of eagles -- she saw no eagles. So the moral is that if you should decide to go on an Alaskan cruise then you shouldn't expect to see much wildlife, save for some fishermen and maybe a few roughnecks. If you want to see animal wildlife, which also is ridiculously abundant in Alaska, you probably should go by plane and drive around or walk. But make sure you take care not to get eaten by a grizzly or trampled by a moose.

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