Thursday, October 30, 2008

The future's so Bright....

My cousin, Debpc, of Finding Om, suggested Kundalini as an antidote for my boredom. And I just have to say....YAY! I dug out my Ana Brett and Ravi Singh Navel Power DVD and after 75 minutes of core work and heavy And after two days of that, I found my Mantra Girl Advanced Kundalini DVD, and same thing...only it was more than core work. It was legs and arms. And I am exhausted today.

I went to the Good Doctor yesterday, which was an exercise in non-attachment for me, but more about that later. It was nice to be there, and great to be in his room and with S and J as well, but there's issues that may be insurmountable as far as me being a regular for now. More about THAT later too.

I want to get my dog out for a hike because finally the weather is nice again. And then I want to try to do my practice a bit later when my body is a bit less fatigued (how hiking does that for me must be a mystery to some, but probably not to most people who read this blog).

Anyway, I will elaborate on things later.



DebPC said...

Yay! I was having trouble deciding what DVD to do tomorrow morning. Navel Power it is.

Yoga Chickie said...

Navel Power rocks!!

I am sooooooooo sore today. Took Lewis on a 1-hour walk, and then couldn't bear to do any yoga at all. I took a hot bath and then lay on a ball, which feels great.

Definitely in an Ashtanga funk. There's always tomorrow, although I am tempted to do a Bikram class and then just do some of my harder poses afterwards when I'm nice and sweaty.

Halloween beckons. Blech.

boodiba said...


Yoga Chickie said...

The issues are logistical in nature. The midmorning session is from 9:30 to 10:30. My practice is close to 2 hours long. I can't get there before 9:30, and so what am I going for, really? It was all I could do on Wednesday to just stay calm and practice slowly and with focus when I knew the clock was ticking. Then, after Chris left, and I had gotten one meaningful assist - in Supta Kurmasana - I do love that one - I was left to do the rest of my practice on my own and then I paid $35 to Julia, who is graciously shelling out whether anyone else shows up or not...but still. It's too rich for my blood. Plus travel expenses - the train is expensive, as is parking, as is gas. Then there's the time commitment - travel 3 hours to get an hour with Chris. It makes no sense at all.

I am sad. But until something changes, I really can't be doing this anymore.

Looks like it's going to be a loooooooong winter of self-practice.

boodiba said...

Oh that totally makes sense. I couldn't enjoy my practice feeling so rushed either. The earlier time slot isn't enough either! The vinyasa classes before always run over time, for one thing.

It's so, so, so hard for me to get myself up there in the winter. Last week almost killed me. Trying to get better & having so much commute time & practice was hard & there were many deadlines at work. I still count myself lucky that going back to Christopher has worked out though.

Maybe you need a nanny to get the kids ready in the morning & then you could come to the early slot!?

I must get my hungover ass to Starbucks now.

Yoga Chickie said...

A nanny. Right. I will let her drive my Rolls Royce when she wants it. Hell, I'll buy her her own house!

Seriously, I can't hire a nanny for the sole purpose of getting my kids ready for school so that I can high tail it to the city to pay 35 bucks to have an hour with Chris. Even CHRIS isn't worth it, although he comes close...

I just need to get myself into a routine here is all. And in the meantime, with less gardening to do outside, I have more energy to spend even more time practice yoga... :)

Yoga Chickie said... said the early spot...okay, now that's just CRAZY talk.

boodiba said...

I'm just trying to spread the joy of the 5am rise. I keep threatening to quit Astanga, but...

lgr said...

Another reason to hate winter...YC hibernates in boondocks

boodiba said...

I keep telling her to let the kids go wild & feral & then she can do what she wants, but she doesn't listen.

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