Thursday, September 04, 2008


I find the internet so distasteful right now.

I got hacked last week. My hotmail account, that is. Some of you got an email from "me" that sounded an awful lot like the ole Nigerian Email Scam. I dealt with it, hijacked my account back from the hacker, sent out an apology and "do not send money" email to my contacts, but I still felt violated.

As a result, I have been kind of disgusted with all things internet. Haven't posted to the Huffington Post, haven't posted here. Have been trying to keep up with emails and Facebook.

So, here I am dipping my toe in the water again.

Hi everyone.

I can bind Pasasana without props or assistance now. Granted, I've been practicing in the afternoon. But still. I think that is news worth repeating.

Next up: Catching my own toes in Kapotasana. Only then will I really give a rat's ass about keeping my leg behind my head. Notwithstanding the Good Doctor's willingness to allow me to practice up to Eka Pada Sirsasana, I guess I will always have a bit of Sir in my head, asking me why I am so anxious to keep my leg behind my head (I can get it there, but I can't KEEP it there...) when I can't even take my own feet in Kapotasana...yet. Not that I know that Sir would be saying that. But I feel that he would.

All in all, practice is the same as always. I am in a home practice mode. And it is nice. But it takes too long. I would love to gain the discipline to practice outside without feeling the need to prune the shrubbery halfway through Primary or before I get to Kapotasana. Or to practice inside without checking to see if there are any really good movies Brokedown Palace, which provided an interesting backdrop to yesterday's practice....

Nite nite...



boodiba said...

Self practice is so much harder.

Oh shit! I said I didn't remember on Facebook but then it just came to me... The mention. I still don't remember the first part, but your name came up & I think maybe it had to do w/ someone working on Kapo. I said, "She's up in CT strapped to her porch."

DebPC said...

You HuffPo "topic" is yoga and spirituality, right? Maybe a post about using a 3,000 (or whatever) year old discipline to keep your cool in the 21st century. The challenges of the internet and how yoga helps. Are ourproblems really all that different now than then? Maybe dumb but just an idea.

Carl said...

I know exactly what you can do to make yourself capable of practicing outdoors -- learn to abhor yardwork. I hate yardwork and I could practice oustide with absolutely no desire to prune anything.

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