Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So, you think you're so yogic?




Perhaps I might interest you in a little self-examination to go with that denial?



Dirk said...

Hi Lauren!
Nice to read and easy to comprehend. Although I probably missed some details, not being a native speaker.
Cheers - ups - Namaste,

Lisa said...

Hilarious. I put a link to it on my blog...too bad some people don't have a sense of humor. Must be un-yogic.

boodiba said...

That's funny! And you know I love True Religions.

Not that I can actually BUY any these days. And I think attempted theft might be inadvisable, despite the fact that my tight little yogic ass is great advertising for them.

Dr. Jay SW said...

You do yoga and you don't show loving kindness in your every interaction with people, animals, plants, and inanimate objects? What the hell's wrong with you?
I'm a yogi for the second time--the first time I quit because I couldn't make myself do the equivalent of a full yoga class at home every day. This time, I'm being a bit easier on myself, but still spread love and contentment like a $5 gigolo spreads crabs....

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