Sunday, July 13, 2008


Parental bragging alert!! Beware!!

Brian pitched FOUR innings in a tournament game (that's a lot of innings to pitch in a row), struck out two players and let only two earned runs get by.

And there's Adam, running to First after getting a hit.

My boys are the awesomest.

Yoga bragging alert!! Beware!!

I bound Pasasana in my home practice yesterday, heels only an inch off the floor, no walls, no straps, no smoke, no mirrors. It's a miracle. Let's see if it can be repeated in class, which is SOOOO much harder.



Anonymous said...

Hi YC, just had to ask why in your About you say you don't work. Is raising kids not work? A labor of love but still ...

Yoga Chickie said...

Caroline, I DO think it's work. I just don't think most people are going to buy that. Especially people who work outside the home AND take care of their kids, which is a full-time job even if you share it with a nanny...

Funny, I was just reading YOUR blog.

Anonymous said...

Still, I worked full time with kids too, which was more challenging in some ways, but also easier in some ways.

When I was working, I also paid a lot for childminding. So, what the preschool was paid to do, now I am doing, so it is work.

And, thanks for your recent comment on my blog, I appreciate your kind words. Very skeptical about Home Depot throwing money, but I have retained a personal injury litigator to fight for what my son justly deserves.

Oh, and your blog has been one of my daily reads for a long time :)

Gypsy at Heart said...

What great shots these are. You are a good photographer and your children look the consummate athletes. New to your blog (found you through adoptic) and I'm finding it very interesting.


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