Friday, July 25, 2008


Did it.

Sweat a little.

Not loving the temperature at the Upper East Side Icebox. The Good Doc fully denies that this perception of coldness that I have is the actual reality. Instead, it's "put your chin to your chest and fully exhale."

Also, I am no longer allowed to pick up my back heel in any standing poses, not even to get INTO the pose. This is not much of a problem, you would think, except in Parvritta Parsvakonasana - that twisted mofo of a standing pose which I can STILL barely get myself into, even now, even picking my back heel up and putting my back knee on the floor and cranking. Funny thing is, when I make the effort to get into the pose without the aforementioned cheat (which I had no idea was a cheat until now), it makes my back crack in a very satisfying manner. Who knew?

For all the other standing poses, it simply takes concentration and awareness to keep my back heel from picking up.

Funny that the Good Doc would see me as a Kapha when I am so the OPPOSITE of grounded. I can't even keep my feet from flying off the floor.



boodiba said...

He's really picky on the PP! I used to put a hand on my sacrum & turn. Helped me crack my back. He put a stop to that. He likes to streamline - eliminate all "unnecessary" movement. Has noticed the wiggling I do in the Surya down dogs. I like to twist there. Try to stretch out the problem right shoulder.

Perhaps the AC can be tampered with??

Was talking w/ another woman in the Ladies today after practice. We've decided that what C needs to do is take out a loan or something & open his own shala. Perhaps in the flower district or in the lower east side.

DebPC said...

Ironic that when you lived on the Upper east side you shlepped down to the lower east side to practice and now that you live in the boonies you are content to practice in your old hood. What is the explanation here?

Yoga Chickie said...

No Christopher on the Upper East Side until now. No decent Ashtanga program on the Upper East Side until now, for that matter.

I have been called out on my unnecessary down dog wiggling too. Christopher is onto people like us. We are rule breakers. He will beat the rules into us...gently.

I don't think C could ever be bothered with the business of studio ownership. Now, if someone would open one FOR him and make him a sweat-equity partner, that could be another story. Anyone?

boodiba said...

He resorted to bribery in my case, last year.

Ah wells... A couple months is it for me then. But I'll have fun while I'm there.

Yoga Chickie said...

Coupla months? Then what? Who is going to teach you Fourth?!! You'll be at NYY long after I am stuck in the sticks once again.

Now, S and I need to work on getting that mid-day class going. Otherwise, I will be languishing up here on Jupiter. Or...I will just have to teach myself the rest of Second. Oh, wait. I did that already...

boodiba said...

That's ok. I gave myself the rest of 2nd (from Parighasana on) last time I was in India. Practiced full 2nd a bit, but then stopped Astanga while with Venki. Came back & resumed. Then just a few months later, I meet C and he bribes me with 3rd.

Maybe I should move to the upper east side? Oh wait... I don't have any $$.

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