Friday, October 13, 2006

Seated Practice

Yep, I practiced. Sat in lotus for, I don't know, maybe 15 minutes. Then sat in virasana. External rotation, internal rotation. I felt pretty good most of the day, mainly because I pretty much did nothing, and I was lucky enough to have my kids' former nanny, current housekeeper and sometimes sitter come over with coffee and, a desire to care-take and a willingness to walk Lewis. It was good! Now, notwithstanding doing nothing, I am beat. BEAT. But I have to take Brian to his Travel Basketball practice....



Tova said...

hey wonderwoman, slow down, wudja?you aren't driving children around are you? from my limited knowledge of this type of surgery you aren't supposed to be driving. why isn't there someone with you waiting on you hand and foot?

Debpc said...

Sounds like you took the Husband's advice that your practice isn't supposed to be something particular (insert SHOULD-type statement here), it's just supposed to be. And you did it, and it was good. As Sean Corne said at the Yoga Journal conference, sometimes we need to recognize when we need a more yin practice.

yoga chickie said...

Tova - I live in NYC, so everything is a short walk, or if not a short walk then a cab ride, away.

Debpc - So, the H said something useful? Sometimes it takes someone else to point it out....
Did you see the lovely Sean Corne on the latest cover of Yoga Journal? She is gawgeous.

Vanessa said...

Glad to hear everything went well!

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