Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pet Peeves of the Day

People who try to appear "intellectual" by writing in a way that fails to communicate coherent thought. You're not fooling anyone.

People who use Britishisms incessantly. You're not British. If you were, you would know that using "shag" to mean "have sex with" is the British equivalent of an American using "groovy" to mean "cool". You know who you are.

People who are ashamed to be angry. Anger is totally acceptable. Even for a yogi. When you figure that out, you will feel less angry. Ironic.

People who tell you how smart they are. If you're really smart, we'll figure it out. If you were smarter, you would know that.

That's all for now.



Grimmly said...

I kind of like a playful use of language and ideas, quite wonderful when done well and with a deft hand, Sometimes you can pull it off other times not so well. but then that's part of the fun of it.

I agree re Anger, nothing to be ashamed of, I'm with Aristotle here rather than the Buddha perhaps. the right amount of anger and expression of said anger for the particular situation. Someti,es you should be angry. However, I don't think that means you need to be Rude and insulting or even belittling and/or patronising, should be able to communicate our anger coherently without resorting to that no?

Hate the expression Shag but it's kind of regional (though more by district or by communities than region) and used a hell of a lot in some parts of the country and in others not at all. Interestingly it's used throughout the classes. Big amongst this class in one region and yet completely switched in another, strange. Such a classy chat up line than 'Fancy a shag darlin' Didn't Charles say that or something like it to Camilla in that tape

I do kind of like 'I'm shagged out' meaning exhausted, don't use it myself but like it.
Oh and there's a coarse rolling tobacco that's called Shag. Wow, how smart am I : )

lgr said...

Hey! You talkin' 'bout me? Wassup wit dat?

hyla said...

grimmly you crack me up

u are a brit therefore allowed to use 'shag'...

no, yc?

skelly said...

The bit of Britain I live in most people use fuck to mean have sex with, but then Im a coarse Northerner :-) shag is polite up here, bonk is even politer

Grimmly said...

Bonk! I miss bonk, what happened to that, I blame the BBC, where's my pen and paper......

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