Monday, October 27, 2008

Now this is what I call pretty and talented

DAMN, if only I could look that good as a Hassidic Jew or a total non-Goth.

Oh, and I guess "it's on".


And P.S....Nataraj, they're my lips, and my lips have never seen an injectable. Never. I've been blessed, I suppose, so thank you.


Anonymous said...

Yes you have been blessed with perfect lips. This reminds me...I think you mentioned in a previous post that you have a plastic surgeon friend who practices ashtanga-has he ever heard of someones body rejecting botox? I've tried it twice now and it does very little and only lasts a few weeks. I practice ashtanga everyday and was wondering if the purifying practice could be the reason my body is purging the toxin? My doc doesn't practice and thinks this is not possible.


Anon(for obvious reasons)

Yoga Chickie said...

You'd have to ask my plastic surgeon. But I'm not naming names.

I will say that logic dictates that since any aerobic exercise will raise the metabolism, which will in turn cause things to move through the system more that if you're physically active, you are going to burn through your injectables faster.

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